I’m sorry but as a huge fan of the first two films I was less than impressed with the latest film


First mistake was to kill of Sid Haig A.K.A Captain Spaulding then take Bill Mosely A.K.A Otis who is a mild mannered gentlman in comparison to the first two films in fact he was somewhat settled in the Devils Rejects in comparison to the maniac Otis of house of 1000 corpses.

thankfully Sherri Moon Zombie A.K.A Baby has not lost her touch an impressive performance.

The movie plays out at the finish of the Devil’s Rejects and injured captured and spending the better part of a decade in prison it’s all about the escape and time on the run.

Introducing a new Character Winslow Foxworth Coldtrain “Foxy” Otis’s half brother who after helping Otis break out the two also spring baby free.

With the fame of the bloody prison escape the three head to Mexico to settle but end up fighting for their lives against a ruthless Mexican gang whose leader is the son of a man Otis killed in prison.



Available free on fullstreamfilms.com


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