Keeping in line with all of the reboots and sequels that are due out in 2020, Blumhouse and Paramount are following suit by bringing us another installment in the low budget franchise, PARANORMAL ACTIVITY in 2021.

The last time we had a new PARANORMAL ACTIVITY film was back in 2015 with the 6th installment; THE GHOST DIMENSION. While the film was indeed profitable, they said at the time that it was the final film in the franchise. 

To refresh you, the original PARANORMAL ACTIVITY was shot on a budget of about $15,000 and grossed close to $200 million worldwide so there is no reason why there wouldn’t be a 7th film in a franchise that doesn’t cost much to make and has a rather hefty return. 

Nothing has been released in regards to plot details, casting or who would be writing and directing but that is information that will soon be released and you can find that right here at Horror Freak News!

Are you excited for a new PARANORMAL ACTIVITY film? Let us know in the comments below! 

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